And what would one know about the man behind the mask?
The Progenitor
Beneath the skull helm lies the face of a dead man. The Creator holds the cure to mortality and the panacea for perfection. The Glorious Evolution is nigh. The Eternity awaits.


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It was a sad end, anti-climatic even, the herald had passed without bringing his vision to fusion. It was both a relief and… a disappointment he had that much to admit.

Jayce had always admired the man before the machine and some naive belief still clung fast that he could one day change the man’s belief. Show him the beauty of life he knew the other once had seen, it was in his work.

"It was such a shame." He echoes the same words when the two had seen each other eye to eye in battle, it was a shame indeed. The man had shown so much life and ingenuity despite all his claims if only he had worked harder, tried to reach out to the man instead of beating him around and with their head long conflicts on their differing ideology.

It was with a cruel stomp that he stops his train of wishful thinking, these would not bring the man back, it will not bring Viktor back. The two of them had always wanted the same thing in the end, abide different outcomes.

Tomorrow shall be a bright day and he will see to it.


The Herald had passed?

The idea of it, the mere concept alone, had been…quite surprising. What had been the cause? 

A mistake? No, he would have been far too cautious. Too much work to be placed before such a foolish thing would have the chance to bud.

Perhaps it was the cause of another? No, that couldn’t be. He would have had numerous plans and preparations at hand for such a thing.

Regardless of theories and assumptions, The Herald was gone. It had begun to sink in. Something had clicked, or rather, missed its notch entirely.

It should have been expected. It should have been deserved, the death of the mechanized mess.

But it wasn’t.

Dreams of the Past - Drabbles

// Forgot how much I loved these. I guess I can add to this gold mine when I’m not staying up doing work.

My muse dies a lonely death. Tell me your reaction at receiving word of his/her death, and if I find it heartbreaking, I will post it.

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Go to bed.

"Only if you’ll be there waiting for me, dear.”

Blog Update

// Am back in my dorm after a 3 day weekend. Am very tired and stressing over work because I’m in fact a very slow reader, who is easily distracted. Like, I have easy work right not and yet I’m freaking out on making everything good!

Studying pharmacy is gonna be a long six years. O _O;;

I’m actually going to have even less free time because Chem Labs start this week and any free time I have should be devoted to studying laws and pharmacology to get my Pharm Tech license, which is crucial to moving on to grad school in three years time.

Ahh…. Going to no-life this.

My requirements to move on to grad school:

- I need an overall 3.0 GPA
- I need a cumulative 2.7 GPA in maths and sciences (hup. GG Ochem and Bio 151.)

Just felt like sharing this as I got an essay due on Weds and Chapters of Chem to read.


I honestly didn’t expected this to come but it did! 5k+ follows! MAN! I never dreamt of having this many followers in tumblr at all haha xD So I just want to thank you all for taking interest in my blog enough to actually click that ‘Follow’ button ; u ;! I feel so lucky~~ I’m also terribly sorry to those who I haven’t replied with messages because I tend to forget to reply especially if I don’t see the inbox notification anymore OTL I hope you guys haven’t given up in talking to me cos of that DX;;; This Moon mun really has a terrible memory OTL

Honestly I’ve missed like 2 milestone already—wanting to make it extra special for you all but then I noticed that I don’t have that much time with me at all lately OTL (It’s also been 3 days since I went over 5k followers so as you can see, I am awesome with keeping up with things lol njaksd) SO YEAH! Let’s have a typical art follower giveaway for this one :D!


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// OK! So I’m officially opening da blog! Drew sumthing pwetty to go with it. I’m really looking forward to talking to everyone! <3

// yaaay, epic new Yasuo blog!

// I smell great potential and sake.


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the Machine Herald daddy is chillin with his favorite sweater on while listening 1940s Jazz

// Omfg! Chilling like a Villain. So confident and so relaxed. My goddddd. Probably thinking about the Resistance/ Jayce.

Unholy screeching. U dah best.